Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Sorry Dead Friend

Dear Creative I Spring 2009,

I have a confession....Basically, I was so busy this past semester with everything in my work and personal life that I wasn't even being myself a true socializer, much of the time I was being pressured into my backup, director, overly task focused (ewwww, i hate being director).

As a result I missed many more of your classes than I wanted to. (Plus I was trying to avoid Joe, he can be so bossy and he smells like old cream cheese).

All semester Tom would come in on Thursday and mention how great you were and I would agree without really engaging in it the way that I should have.

Today I was feeling a little less pressure to get things done and decided to go on the blog and check out some of what I missed.

It made me so sad that I missed so many of your classes because you guys are amazing & retarded. In a good way. You're all hilarious fools and don't mind making idiots of yourselves and I love it. You are the most impressive group, creative and funny.

I am really missing playing with you guys. I kind of feel like a friend of mine died and now I'm mad at myself for not spending more time with them.

This feeling is bothersome because I've never really felt this way about a group of advertising nerds before. It's starting to make me itch.

So if you're gone for the summer or away on your internship please come back soon. You can even quit...just get back soon.

If you're here, in Tallahassee, stop by CYL and see me, play with me and make mischief with me.

Stop being my dead friend.

I'm Sorry Dead Friend


Michela Fleury said...

hahaha Oh Jeff, we love you.
Round up the CYL crew, Come to Chicago and play here! Theres much more mayhem to make than in Tallahassee!

Jeff said...

i think i may actually be coming to chicago this long will you be there til?

You're right we can probably get into some major trouble there. I'm thinking silly string, jello and the sears tower...this is gonna be perfect.

Julie Kramer said...

That just made me miss class so much! I'm going to Chicago may 21st so expect a call M! It would be awesome if you were there too Jeff! If not I will definately be coming to CYL asap.

Jeff said...

okay perfect

Michela Fleury said...

really?? awesome!!!! If either of you need a place to stay, let me know! I have an empty room in my apartment that im paying for and youre more than welcome to use it. (it doesnt have a bed tho... so youd have to old school it with an air mattress or something! )

Miss Hein said...

Oh Jeff, just let me know what other songs you would like me to sing as you, to you and I will get right on it!

nicole_brooker said...

Oh Jeff,

We love you too. If you want to road trip, L.A. is pretty nice, plus I think you could give the guy here who rides a scooter around the office a run for his $$$$!