Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wow, it's been over a year since a blog has been posted on this World Famous Creative Strategy blog! So much as happened. Catch Your Limit is doing great and Tom and I are now spending the majority of our time in Richmond, VA in our cool new office space. Because we're here we can't be @ FSU, so we gave up our teaching gig. Perhaps we'll check into VCU or UVA opportunities here in the near future.

If you're still on the subscription list to this blog and you're getting this message, reach out to us. Let us know where you're at and what you're up to. Many of you stay in touch with us via facebook and that's great. Or, revitalize the blog! Nothing says it has to be a blog for a class - it can grow with us all ... a way to stay connected through an experience that each and every one of you contributed to making World Famous!

A client of ours shared this letter from Pixar about feeling creatively drained and I thought that you could relate:

Best wishes!
Melissa ><((">

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