Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are you a fan?

The Grammys; a music lover's dream. The one night where movies and actors are pushed to the side and music steals the spotlight. Like any other awards show, a years worth of talent, hard work, and ambition goes into making this dream night a reality for many of our favorite artists.

In 2010 it is easy for any new singer to come along, have a hit single, and then drop off the radar faster than a snowstorm in Tallahassee. So how do musicians and performers stay relevant in the age of never ending information? The answer is us; “The fans.”

Fans are most certainly the driving force behind all the big name acts today. From Kings of Leon to Susan Boyle, the fans are the main reason the music industry exists. The fans create movements, create icons, and most importantly create funds. The Grammys took note of fan power and created a promotional campaign that taps directly into the sacred base of dedicated followers.

The campaign is mainly viral and for good reason. Today, web sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter give fans a chance to be the star. Millions of videos are uploaded for public viewing; some of them re-creations of an artist’s past performances, and the others are covers of the fan’s favorite songs. These videos are a rebirth of traditional fan mail, catered to a technology driven generation.

The Grammys produced spots for Lady GaGa, L.L. Cool J, and Beyonce. The spots are comprised of real viral videos made by real fans. The ads are centered around one of the performer’s big hits. This campaign is a perfect combination of paying respect to fans as well as to the artist.

Below is my favorite of the campaign. The Featured song is Poker Face, by Lady GaGa, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of 2009.

The dedication and power in these videos is astounding, and really expresses the dedication of super fans. From costumes to choreography, these videos don’t miss a beat of GaGa culture.

Could these videos have been the driving force behind Lady GaGa and Poker Face’s Success in 2009? Regardless, they have been viewed on millions of computer screens and have provided endless entertainment, as well as publicity for the Lady herself.

As we all know viral campaigns have to keep getting views and spreading to be..well..VIRAL. So to keep the Lady GaGa viral attack alive and well I present to you my version of Poker Face. Enjoy!

Are you a fan?


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Ramage, what? said...

you love it!

Michela Fleury said...

1. i love this
2. you should quit advertising and become a backup dancer for her vids
and 3. what makes this even better is that you did it at Zimmerman! ha

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Paige Mitchell said...

LOVE IT!!! Made me laugh for a few minutes strait! I think you know Gaga's dance moves better then anyone!