Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The meaning of Life--no wait, I mean Advertising

Last year at the AWNY conference we were shown the winners of the Cannes advertising festival. The video I posted above was the overall winner in 2008.
Watch it; it's wonderfully hilarious, and really catches the audience.
The only problem with the ad was that most of us had no idea how it related to chocolate.
Up until the moment they showed the chocolate logo, I was convinced it was an advertisement for brand of musical instruments or something to that effect.
After careful speculation, and discussions with my fellow Ad Club members, some of us decided it was trying to display how the chocolate made you feel when you ate it.
Now, clearly the judges got the gist of whatever the ad's purpose was, however, if the normal audience members haven't a clue, there are clearly some communication problems.

This brings me to ponder how important the intent of an ad actually is.
If such an advertisement with such and abstract meaning can be so highly praised, is the ad's message more important, or the artistry, and humor?
The ad was probably effective, if nothing else, by association.
When people watch the ad and find it funny and enjoyable, then they begin to associate Cadbury chocolate with this euphoric state.
That's pretty brilliant if you ask me. So all in all, the meaning of advertising....does it even matter?
...That's deep!


The meaning of Life--no wait, I mean Advertising

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