Monday, January 25, 2010

A Fresh Look At Creativity

In this video, the creative team at Puma puts on a promotional event sponsoring Italy in the qualifying game of the World Cup. The stunt uses real people in a life size game of foosball on the street corners in Canada. Unlike most promotional events this one stands out, grabbing the attention of people on the streets and the national media.

The creative team at Puma utilize creativity in a radically different way with this event. They take creativity off television and paper and bring it to life. Many advertising agencies and companies these days get stuck within the lines of creativity, trying to capture audiences and spark attention with flashy graphics and over the top slogans. Puma takes a different approach, hinging the event on the idea of personal interaction. Real people are the game, and real people control the game. In this way, creativity is redefined as an active concept, rather than a passive one.

By allowing people to get involved with the game, Puma ensures its message will stick. It gives people an experience they can talk about, instead of just a catchy saying or funny commercial. This clip caught my attention because it reminded me that creativity should be more than just pen and paper, it should have depth. As students taking advertising classes we are constantly asked to be creative about everything we do, and sometimes we think so hard about how to be creative that we forget how to be creative in the first place. At least, I know I do. This clip just goes to show that sometimes the simplest ideas have the most lasting effect and are the most fun!

A Fresh Look At Creativity

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Jonny Arcila said...

Brilliant, this is one of my favorite campaigns too!