Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Getting your wisdom teeth pulled is miserable.

Getting all 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled at the same time is even more miserable.

Why did I decide to do this on a Friday morning so I could drive back to school on Monday? WHY?! It still remains a mystery to me as to why I decided to do this. At least you all feel my pain, this is one of those coming of age things that everyone has horror stories about. Hopefully none of you passed out before they gave you the IV that put you to sleep...I have a huge aversion to needles, blood, doctor's offices, and all those types of things haha. So, my anxiety kicked in and put me to sleep before the drugs could! You may take this moment to laugh at me. To make things better, my mom said when I woke up from surgery I was babbling about eating hamburgers and pizza, but I was also crying? Anesthesia will do funny things to you, I guess. To make everything better, I had a bad reaction to the pain pills they gave me and spent Friday and Saturday throwing up, ew. Luckily today I woke up and the pain has subsided enough to where I can take an ultra strenth tylenol instead of a pain pill, yay! I went and had my post-op appointment this morning and the surgeon said everything looked great. I am so happy this saga is coming to an end. I was going to post a funny picture of myself all swollen and unhappy to finish this blog, but unfortunately, I never got swollen enough for it to look like much had happened to me. Sorry to disappoint!

Please share with me all of your wisdom teeth horror stories, it will make me feel better =).




Jonny Arcila said...

Lol seems like you're doing fine after eating Pollo Tropical! I'll make sure to bring you tons of milk shakes hhahahaha

Gala said...

ok I'm freaking out you are like the 4th person in two weeks that i heard just got their wisdom teeth pulled out, and i'm suppose to get mine taken out but i've been avoiding it, maybe this is sign that my day is soon to come.
ahhhhhhhhhhhh =(

Ramage, what? said...

i already told you the worse of mine...i just go super swollen and couldnt eat solids for over a WEEK...and i got it done 3 days befoe christams! terrible idea lol BUT on the bright side my mouth feels a lot better now!

Kellie Cochran said...

Gala, just get it over with haha. The worst part of it for me really was the pain pills making me sick, because throwing up made my mouth much more sore than it probably would have been otherwise. So just get good pills haha! And give yourself a long weekend so someone can wait on you hand and foot =).