Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Become An Ex

In case you haven't heard T.G.I.Friday's is back with its fantastic 3-course meal for $12.99. After seeing ad after ad with their fried green beans (surprisingly delicious!), sizzling Parmesan crusted chicken, and irresistible brownie sundae, I had to head in to confirm the goodness. The enthusiastic waitress seated us in what first seemed to be a prime location for a 22 yr. old; the bar. Despite the cold, a group of people were outside enjoying drink specials. But as our second course was brought out, we all noticed the looming smell of cigarette smoke, brought in by the unforgiving winter draft. The perfect seats became the bane of our otherwise perfect meal. Why were people huddled in 38 degree weather when they could be inside in the warmth? Where is the line drawn for dedicated nicotine lovers? Then at that exact moment the words 'you don't drink every time you smoke' came to mind from the Become An Ex ads. After watching the catchy spots of the female employee blending up a frozen drink at her desk, or the middle age guy taking the delivery truck for a spin- I realized how effective the campaign Become An Ex is. By taking a logistical approach, this campaign has proven smoking trends to be somewhat silly. By breaking the connection in trends, you might break the justification to smoke. For the sake of enjoying future meals indoors and out, my hope through advertising is to continue the decline in numbers of smokers everywhere.

Become An Ex

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Ramage, what? said...

i love the approach this campaign takes to smoking... it attack the excuses smokers whoa re trying to quit resort to first. very well thought out