Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is It Really Such A Broadview?

Brinks Home Security has been a major contender in the home security business for many years. But recently, they have made an expensive name change to Broadview Security.

I'm sure many television watchers have been exposed to the various cable TV spots on heavy rotation during these past few months. No. Seriously. NOBODY missed it because Broadview spent all of their multi-million dollar budget on these elaborate commercials. Here's an example of a longer spot:

The ad starts and it doesn't even feel like a commercial! In fact, some users might even believe that their favorite show is back on. This is a great technique to grab the attention of your audience. The long scenario forces the viewer to follow the storyline and find out what's going to happen next.

I find the name Broadview ironic because the ads don't seem to have mass appeal. The spots only feature youthful and vulnerable white women. Where's the demographic variety?! After watching the other versions (i.e.
The Ex, Backyard, Treadmill, etc.), the basic message becomes quite clear:

NO WOMAN IS SAFE! Some crazy guy is gonna bust your windows out or break your door down like a ninja and if you don't have Broadview, you're a goner.

cue the dramatic music...

Broadview's message says that this can happen to anyone! At a house party, after a date, during your daily workout, in the bright daylight, in the midst of a rainy night, WHENEVER! And the only way to protect yourself? Brinks. Wait. I mean, Broadview...

And although I poke fun, I do find this campaign to be quite effective. When I first watched these commercials, I immediately thought about how the Bad Guy can be anyone, even the cutie named AJ from your house party! Too bad he's a psycho stalker...

So no, it's not such a BROADview, but it's definitely an eye-opener.

Is It Really Such A Broadview?

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Ramage, what? said...

These ads remind me of scenes from a late 90's horror movie.. (mainly the Scream triligoy) cool approach but gets a little repeptive