Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Subservient Chicken

Burger King decided to go a different way with their marketing and tap into viral marketing. It ended up working very well for them, this is one of the oldest pieces of viral marketing and still to this day one of the most successful. It established to the rest of the world that viral marketing is powerful and here to take over your internet.

If you visited the site you would see a person dressed up in a chicken suit, with a command box where you can tell the chicken what to do. It can do over 300 different tasks. Burger King's campaign is "have it your way" and this viral campaign went along with it perfectly. I went to this site when it was first created awhile ago, and still think it is pretty hilarious and a good way to kill time, and occasionally makes you want some chicken.

Yeah....it's kind of funny

Subservient Chicken

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Alessandra Pastori said...

It's amazing- the chicken does the shoulder lean... just saying.