Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Good Health

I'm sure you've heard the word "hysteria" before, but have you ever learned the disease definition? Google tells me it's "a disorder in which a psychological conflict is converted into a bodily disturbance." Something is physically wrong with the body, because something happened (usually some great stressor) to the mind. Some of the more common "disturbances" are limb paralysis, blindness, or seizures. I thought it was pretty interesting, sorry if I'm boring the psych majors. Anyway, those with hysteria may move their arm freely under hypnosis, but once they are woken up that arm is paralyzed again.

Micropsia is another disease, in which the affected person sees normally sized objects much smaller than they really are, tiny even. Your dog might be the size of a mouse. It's been informally called "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome." It's a temporary condition caused by swelling in a part of the eye, most commonly found in children ages 5 - 10. Imagine being five years old and your breakfast looks like it's for a doll; or being ten with macropsia (the same symptoms, but now things appear too big) and your friends are suddenly huge. Of course like it was in Alice's case, these symptoms can also be brought on my hallucinogenics.

I was trying to find something interesting I got from this week; my roommate had told me about hysteria and I researched a bit for the micropsia. Hope you found it interesting, here's to your health! Unless you don't have it, in which case at least you don't have Human Werewolf Syndrome, which is just like it sounds without the claws and teeth. Thank you and goodnight.

To Good Health

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