Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Funny video on Funnyplace.org

Global Positioning System versus a Personal Navigating System

When previewing different ads that were circulating the web I found this Hertz car rental commercial spot in which I found myself LOL-ing, but for real! This commercial seemed to hit home a little bit from my recent trip. I was studying abroad with 7 of my best friends and we had just gotten off our plane into Paris and hopped into a taxi. One of my friends thought she was a big shot because she “learned how to count to 10 in French.” OOO LA LAAA you might say, but why did we trust the amateur learner? NEVER AGAIN! So she began to tell our driver the address of our hotel and he proceeded to speed off. We arrive in an alley way and we are clearly not at our hotel. So then I decided to show the address to the driver and he peeled off in a similar fashion as in this commercial, whipping around busy traffic and we thought we were all doomed. Fortunately, we weren’t too far away so by the time we caught our breaths we were able to hop out of the taxi. We learned from our mistake and from there on out we decided to show the drivers the address.


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Ramage, what? said...

HAHAHA mallory i can see you in the taxi now.... i really like this commercial too! nothing is worse than getting lost in an un-familiar place