Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Blue people? Really? YES!!!! It was a great concept and a FABULOUS MOVIE!! So great its the highest-grossing film ever! But what made it such a blockbuster? The 3D? The Blue people? James Cameron? Nope! It was the story. A story with a message. It was a romance between all living things the beings put on it's planet to care for it and learn form it. Yea, I know, tree hugger stuff. But could it have some truth to it. We just keep on taking and taking from our world that pretty soon will have nothing left and the earth will kick us out (this is said to happen 12/21/2012). Well take from the film what you want but don't forget the moral of the story - Have the good ole' american mentality; If we run out we can take it from another planet.


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Gala said...

I heard people were having suicidal thoughts after watching this movie, because of not being able to live the "avatar" life, I don't know if i should feel bad for them or just laugh!