Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What have you done lately? For Haiti?

I watched this video and immediately felt like the worst person in the world. I kept asking myself “what have you done lately?” I consider myself to be kind and generous, however, it took the inspiration of a seven-year-old boy to get me to take action. How amazing is it that one little boy who is probably still learning how to read can inspire people all over the world. He did more than raise over a thousand pounds for Haiti, he inspired the world to take action as well. The Sigma Chi chapter at Florida State was so inspired that they started a non-perishables and water drive to send to Haiti, getting all of the Panhellenic sororities on campus involved. After watching this video and talking to our neighbors a couple of my sisters and I have banned together and the ideas are flying. The Global Haiti Initiative on campus has been holding candle light vigils and date auctions. Its times of crisis like these that prove to me that the world can pull together and there is a need to do good for others in the human heart. So I ask you the question I have been asking myself, “What have you done lately?”

What have you done lately? For Haiti?

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Michela Fleury said...

i especially love the line "children reach out with their heart" ; something a lot of need to start doing more.