Monday, April 12, 2010

Atlanta :-)

So, this past weekend 16 of us went to Atlanta to conduct agency visits. We visited 4 different adcertising agencies and a portfolio school. They were all excellent. We got to see the difference between a small shop and a large shop which I know was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

As a group we also went to the Coca-Cola Factory in Atlanta which was neat. We learned all about the history of Coke and got to try about 200 different flavors from all over the world. That was really neat. I don't drink soda but everyone else seemed to enjoy all the flavors, even the ones from countires that you'd never expect youngsters to like flavors from.

Another neat thing we did was meet up with the UGA Ad Club. They rented out an area of this bar and grill where they provided us with dinner, ON THEM! How nice is that? We had calamarie, sushi, sandwhiches, and these amazing roasted potatoes. The place was called Twist and I would recccomend it to anyone who goes to Atlanta. Deffinetely check it out.

I used to think I would deffinetely end up back in Jersey working in NYC. But after going on Ad trips to 3 of the four major ad hubs in the US (Chicago, Atlanta and NYC) I am beginning to believe I would be happy working in any of these major cities. They all have so much to offer.

All in all Atlanta went smooth and I am so happy that we went on the trip. So, NYC, this fall...bring it on. I am ready to tackle you!

Atlanta :-)

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