Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The bandwagon is in, and it smells of man.

So, I imagine all of you have seen the old spice commercial.

You know, that one right up there. Pretty good, witty, well made, plus that guy has a voice on par with the movie trailer guy and James Earl Jones. It could very well be the product of a unholy union between the two. Ever since then, I've noticed that each men's body wash company now includes a very strong emphasis on smelling like the man you (and really that means your significant other) want to be. It's no surprise of course that when an advertisement campaign is successful a plethora of other companies jump on the same motifs, however, how awesome would it be if instead of advertising how much of a man you can smell like, one of these companies goes with the smell like a woman campaign?

Girls, we all know we smell awesome. And guys, it isn't unmanly if the fairer sex enjoys it. No? Just a thought.

The bandwagon is in, and it smells of man.

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