Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dream Dictionary

Dreams are the coolest little things ever. They're like trips through the deepest levels of your subconscious mind that you would never have access to unless you do one of the greatest things in the world: sleep. I usually have totally random dreams, like I'm going fishing and I just happen to hook a t-rex, or people that I haven't talked to since 3rd grade make an appearance. My best friend has some really wild ones (two nights ago, she was sitting in McDonalds with Leonardo DiCaprio and people were making fun of him, so to escape, she turned into a giraffe, Leo turned into a bird, and he perched on her head as they fled the country...what?)

I haven't really had a nightmare per say for as long as I can remember, but I do have two somewhat disconcerting recurring dreams: One is that I start loosing my teeth. I'll accidentally push on one the wrong way and it just sort of pops out. Then another, then another. It freaks me out and they feel so real that as soon as I wake up I do a run through with my tongue to make sure they're all in tact.

The other dream I have is that
I'm on a broken elevator. Most of the time it's with other people. It could be going up or down, but I can always hear the chains crunching or the elevator opens its doors not exactly level to the floor. We always make it, but it's really stressful. And a lot of times, it's on the University Center elevators, except there's like 30 stories instead of whatever number the building actually has. I've looked around online to see what these types of dreams mean. Loosing teeth typically means you've got lots of secrets, and depending on the direction the elevator is going, it either means you're set up for some great success or some great failure in the near future. What recurring dreams do you guys have? And what do they mean?

Dream Dictionary

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