Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Travel Plans

These past few months have been especially difficult for traveling. With restrictions, and fees being added on a daily basis, airfare has become really expensive. With our internships coming up, or even just summer travels, this headline caught my eye.

The days of $150 RT fares are long gone, but with proper planning, this summer's plans may not be as expensive as we thought. "AirTran and Southwest set off the latest flurry with sales that began Monday and were soon matched by American, Delta, US Airways and Continental, says Rick Seaney, CEO of It's the fourth round of sales in a month."
To take advantage of the sales offered, planning ahead it key. The worst thing for traveling nowadays is procrastination. It's reccomended that you start searching for airfare two months in advance. Seems premature, but it could save hundreds!

Happy travels!

Summer Travel Plans

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