Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NYC this summer!

Yay! So I have found out that I will officially be interning in NYC this summer (which is great considering I already bought my Lady Gaga ticket for MSG in July)! It is such a relief to know my plans. I hate that agencies wait till 3 weeks before school ends to let you know the verdict. It's so frustrating! Anyways, I cannot express how happy I am to be in my favorite city again this June. I love how everyone is on the go. I love the fast-paced feel. I love Central Park. I LOVE BROADWAY SHOWS. What I love most is the fact that I will be on Madison Avenue with the big ad pros. It's like a dream come true. I wish I knew where I was living, but I will reside wherever MAIP takes me. The most exciting part of it all? I'm turning 21 in July! If anyone will be in NYC this summer, let me know. It will be an amazing experience and there is so much to do in the city! :)

NYC this summer!


Michael Merali said...

I'll probably be stopping by from time to time throughout the summer. I still have a lot of friends that live in the city.

Working on Madison sounds amazing though. Congratulations!!!

Arielle's Blog said...

Thanks! I cannot wait to go, I love the city :)