Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You want a little coffee? Or A LOTTA coffee?

little coffee. BIG COFFEE.

after many requests from customers, Starbucks has decided to add more sizes to their coffee cup selection. these two new sizes are "plenta" and "micra." you can probably tell that "plenta" (128 fl oz) is the HUGE coffee cup and "micra" (2 fl oz) is the little one. these new cup sizes are projected to be in U.S. and Canada stores this fall.

You want a little coffee? Or A LOTTA coffee?


Kellie Cochran said...

Is that huge cup for real?? That is massive!

Michael Merali said...

Happy April Fools. It's actually a joke. They did produce the cups for the promo, but they are not actual Starbucks sizes.


However, for an "off the menu" experience, and if you don't feel like ordering a Tall, try ordering a "Short" on your next visit (8 oz)

Alexandra Taylor said...

welll i guess my blog is ruined lol i didn't even realize the article was from april 1

Michael Merali said...

lol, first off, I apologize, I didn't mean to ruin your blog...it actually caught me until I read the recycling plan for the popcorn bucket size cups and started thinking there is no way thats true.