Sunday, April 4, 2010

FSU Flying High Circus

As some of you know, I am a Tallahassee native. Every time I share this information with people from South Florida or from big cities, they always give me a disgusted look and say "wow! How do you do it, it is so boring here?" Well to tell the truth, I have enjoyed it. Going to football games when I was young was awesome and you can believe I am not a band-wagon fan for Florida State. It is the capital city for Florida and is rich in history. Many people don't know this, but part of the Articles of Confederation were signed on a front porch of a business building down town. Anyways another attraction I enjoyed when I was a kid was the FSU Flying High Circus. The FSU circus is one of only 2 collegiate circuses in the US. The circus is a year round program where any student can participate. The circus started in 1947 and is celebrating its 63rd birthday this year. Students of Florida State can take a circus class PEM 1952 and receive 1 credit hour for the class. To join the Flying High Circus students interested need to come to the circus tent the first 2 weeks of fall classes and fill out paperwork. The circus also provides a summer camp for children. The next upcoming show is April 9 and is a "Home Show Series." Here is the link if anyone is interested.

FSU Flying High Circus

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Kellie Cochran said...

I went to the circus for the first time this weekend with my family, and I loved it! The show was really good, I can't believe the things some of those students can seems terrifying! I had an awesome time =).