Monday, April 12, 2010


Last night while meeting with my group, we somehow ended up on the topic of our favorite ads (ad majors talking about their favorite ads, no way). I was asking everyone if they remembered the crazy and eccentric Skittles ads, and no one did! My favorite was this one with the man and his creepy beard. It is so weird but I remember that it used to crack me up EVERY single time I watched it, and that is hard to do in advertising, as we all know. I know some of you may not find this funny, but I wanted to share it so my group could see what I was talking about =).



Aaren Graves said...

I must say Kellie, this ad is a little weird....oh who am I kidding it is a lot weird. But I' m sure you and your group found this very funny if you all were delirious while working late at night on all of our projects due soon.

Sabrina Pipkin said...