Wednesday, April 14, 2010


While speaking with one of my group mates the other day about how excited everyone was for summer to FINALLY be here, I realized mine will be just as stressful as ever!! I will be interning at 2-1-1 Big Bend for 25 hours a week, trying to maintain my regular job 20 hours a week, and taking a class. JUST SAYING THAT MAKES ME DEPRESSED.

But silver lining, I have planned multiple trips this summer to break it up and make it wayyyy more enjoyable. I am going to Destin, Daytona Beach, Key West, and then California for two weeks!!! Lots of fun in the sun and beach time, I can't wait!!



Alessandra Pastori said...

What fun travel plans! Where in Cali are you going?

Sabrina Pipkin said...

I'm flying into LA then going everywhere around there then driving up to San Fransisco! My cousin is actually doing a cool program called Bike and Build, where they bike across the US over the summer and stop and build houses on the way. I am meeting her out there when she is finally done, I'm so excited!!