Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lions and tigers and cops..oh my

Right now it is 12:26 on Wed morning...our presentations are in just a few hours and I know everyone has been practicing their little tushes off!! How do I know, because for the past few evenings we have all run into each other on the second floor of UCB--and we all have our own funny stories to share.

Tonight, around 11:15, my group was practicing in the presentation room when we heard a knock on the door. We opened it up and two police men were standing outside. She explained to us that every time we opened and closed a door a silent alarm wen toff alerting the police that their were intruders in the building. We tore down the paper which blocked the glass window, giving a glimpse into our room and begged (but not really) trying to convince these officers that we were simply students trying to get a good grade in our creative strategy class. They asked us what time we were leaving, and we told them another group would be coming in at midnight. The police offer began to laugh. She was on our side after all. She totally understood what was going on but asked us to please leave by 1 am. We apologized for the inconvenience and she made a silly face and told us she totally understood.

I know others of you have had funny encounters while practicing your presentations. (Post your story if it's good enough for the blog!)

lions and tigers and cops..oh my

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Ramage, what? said...

CRE8 was alone in UCC on tuesday night i believe. I was in the restroom and when i came out i about scared the life out of this small female janitor. I felt bad but we both shared a laugh and she said congrats for our class having the dedication to be in the classroom at 3 in the morning. lol