Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clogging Potholes, like your Arteries?

So KFC's new ad campaign is "Fresh tastes best". In honor of this refreshing new idea, the good folks at KFC have decided to contact the Mayors of America and offer them something for free: KFC will fill in your cities potholes, if they can brand them.

Call it good PR, call it bad advertising, call it what you want. Here are my criticisms/comments:

1. You are technically clogging a pothole the same way KFC chicken clogs arteries = not so good PR or Adv. (BAD)

2. 350 million potholes exist in America. If someones working and getting paid to fix these, thats a good thing! We're in a recession people! (GOOD)

3. The Colonel cracks me (BOTH)

4. No PR is bad PR, right? (Good)

Clogging Potholes, like your Arteries?

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