Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pump, Pump, Pump of Adrenalin!

We've been right where you are now ... cranking out strategy and creativity in preparation of a looming deadline.

And, this deadline may be the most intense you've experienced so far. Your first real clients flying in, your first real campaign competition and your first time creating like this.

The good news ... there's only one first time!
The good news ... only one week and this whole glorious experience will be a memory as you prepare for all of your other final exams.
The good news ... you all are going to do great!

Just a couple of things to remember at this stage in your project:

  • Work smarter. Not harder. - Don't waste time on things that aren't going to matter. At the same time, the devil's in the details. If you have to spend more than an hour or so, you may want to run it past someone on the Catch Your Limit team to make sure you're spending your time wisely because you will run out!
  • Make time to practice. - Remember to make time for your presenters to practice. How many times? Until it's right! Practice until everyone feels comfortable. Remember, my advice in the beginning of the semester. This is one of the only times that you have an entire team of consultants at your fingertips. Do you really want to risk them seeing everything when it matters? Or would you like us to see your presentation and help you fine-tune it and avoid mistakes prior to the big day with the client there
  • Remember that this is a learning experience. - We don't expect you to be perfect. We expect you to have learned a lot this semester and incorporated what you learned into this presentation. Over the next few days, continue to learn from your team, learn from this experience and get better and better in the future.
  • Everyone is pulling for you! - We love you. The client will love you. Don't fear the presentation. Know that you're presenting to a group that is going to cheer you on and be your greatest champions. And, Sabrinia has been in your shoes, too! It wasn't that long ago that she was presenting to win!
  • Have fun! - If you are stressing and your team is breaking down, don't think twice and call us. We help teams - that's what we do. That's what we're here for. We're here for this moment ... when it counts. Stress can be good and stress can be bad. If you're having bad stress, it's not helping your creativity ... call us!

As you know, Tom and I are traveling. However, we know how to help you via phone or we can schedule a time to get together when we're back in town. And, you know that our Catch Your Limit crew is there to help as well. Reach out to us ... please! You have our emails, our office phone number and our cell phone numbers ... there's no excuse! We want to hear from you.

Our adrenalin is pumping, too!

The Pump, Pump, Pump of Adrenalin!

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