Friday, April 24, 2009

So What's Next?

What do Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, Ryan Leaf, and Yatil Green have in common? No, not that they match up from material to the most recognizable color of that item, but rather that they were flops. Which kind you ask? Well, in celebration of this upcoming weekend, we have the NFL Draft. All those people rather flopped because of injuries, or simply performing at a level that was considerable lower than expected in the NFL.

Nowadays, the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft has more than high expectations. They have high priced contracts. Basically, the player that gets chosen as the number one pick overall, at least in the past few years, has received a contract that surpasses 20 million dollars. How ridiculous is that? That means that before that "rookie" even steps on the practice field, before he moves to his new city, before he has returned to the accompanying table where his family and friends are sitting upon obtaining his jersey during the NFL Draft, he (which will probably be Matthew Stafford this year) will be have made more money than some make in their entire life...TWICE!!

I might as well say that I like Michael Crabtree, a future wide receiver that will hopefully succeed. In addition, Aaron Curry looks pretty solid. But I'm not Mel Kiper and honestly, there's way too much coverage in this for someone not to get bored a bit. Enjoy Saturday and if you watch, look for some of those FSU players too!

So What's Next?

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