Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i'm a toys r us kid

ok first of all, whoever posted the 'widgets' post, needs to somehow control the sound. It took me a good 15 minutes to go through the entire blog page to find where the sound was coming from because it automatically plays when you're on the home page and I wanted to watch the other youtube videos without having extra sound effects. 

But anyway, we recently had some college recruiters from corporate at the R Us Company (Toys R Us, Babies R Us) come to my class and speak about their company and internship program and whatnot. Then they mentionedthat the Toys R Us in New York City was I believe the biggest Toys R Us in the U.S., complete with life-size Barbie dream house, Lego land and an indoor ferris wheel! I couldn't believe it so I booked a ticket to NYC the next day to go see it for myself. And lo and behold, there really is an indoor ferris wheel inside a Toys R Us in the Big Apple! (I really did go to the Toys R Us in NYC a couple of days after hearing about it, but not just to see it obviously. I was in Times Square anyway and had an interview across the street but had some time to kill). 

i'm a toys r us kid

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Eric Randazzo said...

Sorry about the widget. When I posted it I thought I had disabled autoplay. It's gone now.