Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tweet and be merry

Last night Ad Club had the pleasure of having Michael Calienes as a guest speaker. To put it simply, this guy gets it. He understands that the realm of social networking we all know and love is the newest thing in advertising and marketing. And even more importantly he understands that it is us who can shake up the advertising world.

Myself and a few other classmates have met with Michael on several occasions and talked about what opportunities exist for us while we are in school and before we set out into the real world. One of the issues that kept coming up was that we feel that some of our classes have little real world relevancy or that we don't get enough time to practice what we are actually learning before the semester ends. Michael hopes that in the near future we could get something similar to a student-run advertising agency going. I think this is a superb idea. We would get to experience real world projects, learn about things that are currently happening in advertising, and actually have something to put on resumes.

If you do not have a Twitter, I encourage you to get one and follow Michael Calienes. He's a super open guy and I am glad that I have had the chance to meet him, first on Twitter and finally in person :)

p.s. and check out that sweet photo he posted of us!!

Tweet and be merry

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MichaelCalienes said...

awesome! thanks so much for that. very cool. i'm looking forward to getting everyone in the group in touch, communicating, and continuing to learn from each other (myself included). new paths are ours to make. grab a shovel.