Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Happens in Vegas... Stays in Vegas

So no one will really be able to truly understand my past weekend in Vegas unless you were right there with me.  Truly, I am not sure I could share all the stories since it was a pretty ridiculous weekend that I will never forget (Thank you Daddio for my 21st Birthday present).  I went with my dad, two of my close guy friends and their dads... Yes I was the only girl, but I can handle the boys- the problem was them staying on my level.  Since I had always promised my dad I would not go to Vegas until I turned 21 so he could take me, I stuck to the plan and waited.  It was definitely worth the wait. 

For Las Vegas stories come find me because there is just too much to type on this blog.  And of course, I have restaurant and nightclub itineraries for all.  

Saturday morning, my dad and I woke up early to literally walk the entire strip.  We stayed at Caesar's Palace (I can explain the history for that hotel and my family later on).  As we walked up and down the strip I found each hotel to be so unique from one another.  Each hotel has a theme and is entirely different from the hotel you just left.  Of course Caesar's Palace had to take me back to Florence and Rome with the Trevi fountain as well as the "Statue of David."  The Bellagio was incredible, but what was more incredible about that hotel was their fountain show in front of the hotel.  I must have seen 5 different shows at all different times... I just could not get enough of it.  The Venetian had their Venice theme, but I could not justify taking a Gondola ride there when I was in Venice exactly a year ago.  

Top Favorite Hotels:
1. Wynn
2. Caesar's Palace and The Bellagio
3. MGM Grand
4. The Venetian
5. Il Pallazzo, LUXOR, The Mirage
 Caesar's Palace
The Bellagio
The time and thought that goes into creating the aura that each hotel possesses is incredible.  I would love to be part of this experience.  Oh and anyone who wants to go back to Vegas this summer let me know because I am 100% going back, and doing it BIG again!

To make the trip even better, I won some money on CRAPS and Blackjack- must have been beginner's luck. 

What Happens in Vegas... Stays in Vegas

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