Wednesday, April 22, 2009

j on a boat

so it is after midnight and team TANGENT is still working on our Bawls presentation for tomorrow. we are all getting pretty tired but still managing to have some fun. this class has been really cool and I have definitely learned a lot of new things throughout this semester... especially tonight in particular.
1. procrastination is never the answer.
2. ellen likes to make fun of people.
3. eric has a temper. kate makes him mad.
4. arlen and heather are ballerinas.
5. nicole enjoys saying "taste it".
6. we lost sydney...?
7. jonny and matt are phenomenal dancers
8. i am the only one in our class who Jeff DIDN'T friend on facebook

looking forward to tomorrow (or actually, today) and to see everyone's presentations.

p.s. we're all going to look really good in our 9:30AM class tomorrow

j on a boat

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MeganValente said...

Jeff didn't friend me either! should we be offended?