Monday, April 6, 2009

Put the FUN in Funfetti


For my last birthday, my mom had her heart set on having a cake decorator make me a cake that looked like a Chanel bag. The only issue was that it was a gourmet baker and she refused to make me the Funfetti cake from a box. My mom was not going to settle for another type of cake so she proceeded to find a recipe for Funfetti and give to the gourmet baker. My mom, a woman who has no baking skills whatsoever, was telling this professional how to make this infamous cake. Note to everyone: Do not ask a baker to make a cake that should be from the box-it's really gross. You wouldn't think it would be too bad, right? Wrong. 

This weekend, at three different occurrences, people around me talked about Funfetti cake. And every time, at the mention of Funfetti, people not even part of the conversation would turn and say, 'Oh my God, I love Funfetti.' It occurred to me then that there is something about this cake that EVERYONE has a fascination for. 

After hearing people talk about it all weekend, I came into my boyfriend's apartment and his roommate's girlfriend was making Funfetti cookies! 

What is it about this cake from a box that makes everyone so crazy for it? Can a cake be a fad or is it just that good? I think Pillsbury should have some FUN with the marketing of this product. 

Put the FUN in Funfetti

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