Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I wish I was an animal....

I was watching one of my favorite creations available for our entertainment today, which is Planet Earth. I have always been fascinated by nature and have a high respect and interest for other species we share the world with, but I have never found myself envying them until now. Perhaps it is part of the anxiety I have when thinking about life after graduating from institutionalized learning, but whatever it may be I can’t help but be green with envy.

As I sat on my couch absorbing all of the engrossing information and intriguing images, I thought to myself how wonderful it must be to live a life of unadorned purpose and existence. Most animals have a very clear purpose; they serve as vital members of various food chains and provide mother earth gifts that keep her healthy and functioning, but humans, what is our purpose, why were we created?

The first thing that comes to my mind is consumption and destruction, but certainly we must be more relevant than that. Then there is my theory that our purpose is discovery, communication and companionship, but because our purpose is so broad and controversial, and because we can communicate and teach each other our theories and discoveries it just makes life so damn complicated.

I wish I were an animal, but wait, aren’t I already one? I guess we all are animals technically, but certainly not wild ones. I loathe my human weaknesses of loneliness, dependence and conformity, the need for shelter and hygiene, my fragile and vulnerable skin, my sloth like stride, dull teeth, and flaccid digestive system. I could go on forever pointing out all of the qualities that inhibit me from living outside of civilization, that keep my from being wild.

If I were an animal I would have superpowers enabling me to survive in the most enchanting locations, and I would survive fulfilling an unquestionable and meaningful existence. Although as an animal the potential mortality rate drastically increases and at all moments of existence destruction could be inevitable, I would rather live a life of pure freedom than a life of perplexity, impediment, and strife, after all we all face destruction and death anyhow. 

So for these reasons I just can’t help having overwhelming jealousy for other species. If I had to choose one to be, I guess I would choose a bird of pray, a Peregrine Falcon perhaps.


I wish I was an animal....

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Matt said...

I would want to be a Mako Shark