Wednesday, March 25, 2009

important things with demetri martin

So there is a great new show on Comedy Central called Important Things With Demetri Martin. You may have seen him on the Daily Show with John Stewert as the new trends guy. He is so creative and intelligent and you can see it in every aspect of his show. Each show has an idea, or theme (for example "safety" was the theme of an episode) and he teaches the audience about safety through slides, standup comedy, drawing sketches, mini comedy sketches, music (he freestyle raps and also does a great Bob Dylan) and other media.  It is so simple yet so genius. When I first saw it, it reminded me of us doing our Whipple presentations, only like a million times better. He also treats the audience (you) like you are an idiot and labels everything on the screen which I find hilarious. It is on tonight (wed) on Comedy Central at 10:30!! Watch it, I promise you'll like it!

important things with demetri martin


Paul (from Idea Sandbox) said...

I *love* Demetri! He is so clever.

Ashley Fox said...

one of my favorite comedians!!!