Tuesday, March 31, 2009


OK so I had a really creative idea for this blog but it kind of got a little lost of track. I had a few adventures this weekend and ran into jonny in some interesting ways. So first i ran into jonny at the diner and it was his birthday, he ended up somehow giving his gloves and his glow in the dark necklace(i wore it around my wrist though) . So me and my roommate decided that where ever i go that night that i will take pictures.Well i did take pictures but you cant really tell whats going on in the pictures but i still want to post them. Also i saw jonny at the Ting Tings concert (which was amazing), and i have a little video from the concert but it wont load.


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Jonny Arcila said...

Hahaha yes my gloves have made it onto the blog, I feel so honored that you could dedicate a blog to me. Good thing I didn't knock you out at the concert lol