Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Advertising Photography

I was searching for content for today's blog post, and came across Advertography.com. This site shows off some great advertising photographers, and it made me realize just how important the creative aspect of advertising is. Let's look at this photo first:

You can look at the photo and not have to think to get the message it's conveying: that person is repelling others, why? Oh, she has bad gas. Don't be that lady, buy GasX. This is a great example of quality advertising photography. Let's look at another:

This one is a little more hidden, but still well done. It's telling you that Pizza Hut now serves pasta. It's pretty cool that they made pasta looks like a pizza. And one more:

This one is breathtaking. It's been manipulated, of course, but still awesome. When I look at this I see Pepsi trying to say that it's adventurous, daring, and amazing. If you drink pepsi, as the tagline says, you dare for more.

As we think about our campaigns, we need to remember the importance of good creative content that communicates our message. The message is only as good as the package it's wrapped in. Take care all!

Advertising Photography

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