Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, I have decided to blog about internships because this is a topic that I am very stressed out about right now-and I am sure their are many others in our class who are going through the same aggravations that I am going through. I am so nervous. I worked so hard on my resume. Will the HR people like it? Will they even bother opening it? If they do like, will they contact me for an interview? If they want an interview, what do I wear? Should I smile? Should I act very professional and stern? Should I continue writing to HR people? Am I being annoying? Millions of questions are ragging through my head right now. I am so incredibly nervous. I am not sure what to think or do. I also heard that we won't hear final decisions about internships until the end of April. That's to late!! What if I don't get anything! Then what am I supposed to do?
THIS...... Is how I feel right now! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

I know I am freaking out way to much. I need to calm down. But just as I calm down, my father will call me on his way home from work to find out if I have sent out any more resumes-and that's just makes me freak out even more! ahh! I just want this entire process to be over. I wish I could just see into the future and learn what is going to happen. Please wish me luck and I wish everyone else luck! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!!

Ok, on a positive note- I'm excited for class tomorrow and I can't wait to learn who our client is going to be and who will be on my team!!