Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go BIG or go home

"Go big or go home." This is a phrase that has been permanently instilled upon me since I entered college. Each and every one of us is talented and intelligent. We were each admitted to FSU and we all made the cut for this competitive major. So when the time comes to apply for internship programs and jobs, what sets us apart from all the rest? If we're all taking the same courses and learning the same material, that means we have to depend on more than what we learn in the classroom to stand out. We are natural competitors. We have the ability to be creative, yet strategic at the same time. We need to take advantage of our resources and be self-motivated.

Go after what you want, settling is not allowed. If you want to go to a large city, then make it happen. There is nothing stopping you except for yourself. Make connections and embrace the beauty of networking. Your classmates are your future co-workers and the people who may ultimately help you get a job. They will be your foot in the door and your inspiration. If one of us can make it to the big agencies, why can't we all?

Agencies look for talent, but they also look for characteristics and personality traits. Would you hire an employee if they didn't work well in a team-based environment? More than likely, no. It's important for advertisers to work together in order to form a campaign. Everyone contributes a piece to the puzzle and each person relies on one another to create a cohesive campaign. When you write your resumes and cover letters, show your personality. Hiring directors take 20 seconds to find out who you are, so make an impression. Do not let anything stop you from what you desire. Obviously the economy has taken a toll on all of us, but that's why we need to work hard now and play later. Take a risk. Be a go-getter. Show industry professionals why YOU are valuable to THEM.


Go BIG or go home

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