Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tweet Your Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air!

Consumers are being bombarded with an abundance of what I like to call "awww! ads" which celebrate this crazy thing called love. In the past, the focus of Valentine's Day ads has been on the grandeur of love. These AWesome ads usually just depict sweet storylines featuring diamonds, flowers, and candy (oh my!), but times are changing...

In THIS economic recession, the search for that perfect gift of love has become a search for the best available bargain. And of COURSE advertisers are using social media (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote their various deals, promotions, and even contests!

Macy's has a Valentine's Day campaign that features Twitter as the social media of choice to facilitate the "Sweetest Tweet" contest:

Contestants have to write love notes of no more than 140 characters to their beloveds with the hashtag #sweetesttweets in the message. Those who submit a sweet tweet will be entered to win a diamond pendant set. The grand prize winner will be crowned with the sweetest tweet of all and will win a diamond ring! FREE DIAMONDS?!
Although they do not specify, it seems to me this contest is geared towards financially conscious men looking for major brownie points AND a free gift for the Mrs./Ms.!

I thought love was found in your heart, but apparently, it can be found in your tweet <3<3<3

Tweet Your Love

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