Tuesday, February 23, 2010

These ads really caught my eye because they are so drastically different from the normal pet food ads we see on TV. The first one, Adventureland is a little strange, but graphically amazing. The ad ran during the Olympics and apparently Friskies is going to run a 3D one soon too. The second ad is for Pedigree dog food, and it employs a super slow motion camera capturing a series of dogs catching a piece of Pedigree dog food in their mouths.

Both commercials definitely deviate from the normal pet food ads usually involving a pet owner hugging their freshly groomed and happily satisfied pet. The unique approach to each ad is eye catching and engaging. I wanted to see where the cat ended up in Adventureland and if the dog caught the food in the Pedigree ad. Both ads used a very creative, artistic approach to capture the audience's attention, and I think it definitely worked.

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