Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It wasn’t just Valentines Day this weekend….

It was also the 15th annual DANCE MARATHON here at FSU! For those of you who don’t know what Dance Marathon is it’s a nationwide movement involving over a 150 universities and schools around the country. The kids that participate in this amazing cause are dancing/standing in hopes to changes the lives of others. The money raised for this amazing cause benefits the Children’s Miracle Network and the hospital that sponsors CMN in its community or nearby community. All the different schools dance for different amounts of time. This year was Florida State’s 15th year participating which made it one of the longest lasting since its commencement. People always say, “don’t change something unless it’s broken.” Well this year the Overall Committee for FSU DM decided that they weren’t sticking to that saying any longer. FSU typically did 32 hours of standing (longer than UF ha-ha) and this year they attempted to break it into two shifts that were each 20 hours apiece; this would make FSU’s DM the longest in the nation and the first of its kind! They wanted to get as many dancers as possible, so they came up with the idea of making the event 40 hours long and splitting the time so more people would want to partake. All the hard work and dedication paid off this weekend when the event finished and they revealed this years grand total. This year FSU raised…can I get a drum roll please…. $455,507.54 and counting!!!!!

Below is a video of the linedance that the OC made up and taught to the dancers periodically throughout the event. They would all perform it every hour on the hour, which everyone would look forward to! Get involved and help save someone’s life, you never know it could be one of your children!

“15 years, millions of miracles!”

It wasn’t just Valentines Day this weekend….

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