Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 5 albums of 2009

I know were already well into February, but i wanted to take this

time to share with you the BEST albums of 2009. (or what i find to be the best!)
p.s. I listed some songs from each that you should download. My favorites are labeled in GREEN.

1. The Fame/The Fame Monster - Lady GaGa

Boasting FIVE number 1 singles, (so far...) this album catapulted Lady GaGa into the ears of millions. Using retro electric beats, GaGa crafted a complete work surrounding the concept of fame. The Fame its self is a fun journey into pop culture, riches, sex and love, while the Fame Monster delves into the dark side of fame. With songs about alcoholism, fear of love, and the vulnerability of being a superstar; This re-release shows a maturity of songwriting not normally seen on a sophomore pop album. This album is a must have for anyone who wants to feel like a STAR.
DOWNLOAD: the fame, love game, paprazzi, bad romance, monster, dance in the dark, Teeth

2. 808's and Heartbreak - Kanye West

Kanye knows a thing or two about making hits. Many were shocked with the release of this album because it was a complete 180 from West's previous chart topper "Graduation." 808's was made completely by the 808 drum machine and carries sounds of indie experimental electro as well as toned down hip hop jams. West utilized the infamous auto-tune machine to warp his vocals into what he calls "Art." This album is a journey into the life of a broken and troubled superstar. Its a raw look at the real Kanye, and I find it exquisite
DOWNLOAD: bad news, love lockdown, amazing, street lights

3. It's Not Me, It's you - Lily Allen

Before this album I liked Lily Allen, I wasn't a fan, but I liked her. Now, I LOVE HER. This album strays from the retro sound Lily presented with her first album "Alright, Still." The sophomore effort uses synths, pianos, banjos, techno, and tambourines (and this is only the beginning) With songs about former U.S. presidents, ex-lovers, family, and drugs, Lily covers all the bases in this care-free cute joyride.
DOWNLOAD: the fear, him, 22, everyone's at it

4. The Black Ghosts - The Black Ghosts

I have been a fan of The Black Ghosts for a while now, and i was always waiting for them to get their "big break." In 2009, a little pop culture phenomenon called TWILIGHT discovered my underground black ghosts and exposed them to hoards of vampire loving fans. Their song "Full Moon" was featured in the Twilight film as well a the soundtrack. Thier Self titled alum includes full moon but also includes many other gems. Their sound is a mix of folk, funk, euro, indie, and electro-dance. (thats a mouth full) Not tyring to sound all sappy but some of the songs on this album really defined my life in 2009, so it holds a very special place in my heart (and iPod)
DOWNLOAD: full moon, anyway you choose to give it, until it comes again, some way through this

5. Youth Novels - Lykke Li

I'm a sucker for a unique voice and trippy beats. THANK YOU Lykke Li, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can't tell you how many times I listened to this album in 2009. Produced in her home country of Sweden, Lykke infuses a fairy like voice with killer lyrics and infectious beats. This album isn't your standard indie or pop release, its so much more. Working her way into the spotlight, she gained major exposure in the U.S. by featuring her songs in T.V., movies, and even advertising. Her song writing resembles poetry and her music videos are mini works of modern art. Enjoy!
DOWNLOAD: breaking it up, im good im gone, little bit, let it fall

Top 5 albums of 2009

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22 by lily allen is one of my favs =)