Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heineken Goes Even Greener

I stumbled across this video and thought it was really cool. The video is all in Spanish, but basically Heineken is using a go green initiative to support eco-friendliness. Heineken employed a small sewing company in Puerto Rico to create reusable bags out of their old billboard advertisements. The bags are intended to be grocery bags, but in my opinion they are so stylish they can be used for everyday use as well.

The initiative not only supports a green lifestyle, but also acts as an advertising campaign for Heineken. It has allowed Heineken to totally expand on their brand name and give a deeper meaning to their trademark color. The campaign puts the company on a personal level consumers can connect with and portrays them as a real company rather than a wealthy, untouchable market giant.

Here's the link to the article as well.

Heineken Goes Even Greener

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Jessica G said...

This is so cool! I've never thought about what happened to old billboards...but why not recycle them? That was a great idea, and I'd probably buy one.