Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Commercial

I love football. College football is my favorite but the Superbowl is especially fun to watch primarily because you get to see the best commercials ever, in my opinion. However this year I would honestly say that the commercials this year seemed to have a reoccurring theme, which is a lack of creativity. And this might be due to the fact of the recession and that a lot of companies are not spending too much money on advertisements. Like my dad always says, it is a domino effect.

Naturally though I had to pick my favorite advertisement which had to the Denny's commercial. They were advertising the grand slam, which is an American classic. I feel like everything in this ad captured a true American and what we believe to be important. Nobody else in the world holds the Superbowl on such a high pedestal like Americans do, which is the same for Denny's and their grand slam. Anyone and everyone knows what a grand slam is. And the fact that the commercial was funny and basically saying that they will be giving out free grand slams only solidifies the grand slam as a staple in American history. This product is at such a high demand that for one day Denny's can afford to give out free meals, which just speaks volumes to me.

Super Bowl Commercial

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Kellie Cochran said...

I loved this one too hahahaha.