Wednesday, February 17, 2010

P&G Removes the Veil

For years, corporation Proctor & Gamble has been the umbrella company for hundreds of household brands and products, for example: Johnson & Johnson, Olay, Old Spice, and in the last five years, Gillette. Each of these products are individually branded, and if it weren't for the money trail, would have little connection with their parent company.

This year, using the Winter Olympics as their platform, P&G hopes to change all that. Leading the charge is Global Brand-Building Officer Marc Pritchard, who oversaw an extensive campaign intended to shift the positive product attributes of P&G's smaller brands into their corporate image of Proctor & Gamble. Here's a preview of their new strategy, which was aired last week:

Pritchard explained that the Winter Olympics were chosen as their medium for their message because of it's capacity to bring families together. P&G chose to market 18 of their most family-oriented products in this new campaign, and highlights 16 American athletes. Will the campaign bring the dawn of a successful new identity for P&G? It's too soon to tell; but from their textbook implementation, I've got to say, my money's backing Pritchard.

P&G Removes the Veil

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