Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy Award Season

When people think of award season, the Grammy's, SAG Awards, and Academy Awards come to mind. But coming up this Saturday is Tallahassee's own ADDY Awards. To those of you who haven't heard about the ADDY's yet, they are extremely prestigious advertising awards given to the best local creative work, organized by the AAF. Should agencies win the ADDYs this Saturday, they advance to Districts, Regional, and then National ADDYs. Although the biggest part of the ADDY's is the Gala (the award show where everyone gets to dress swanky), there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. We had to pick a theme, something creative that we could incorporate in decoration, entertainment, invitations, etc. Then begin the Call for Entry, then record all the entries, go through all of them to make sure all the necessary files are there, then contact agencies for their missing pieces, THEN work for about 12 hours setting everything up for judges and recording the entries, THEN filming the ADDY Reel, THEN setting up day of, have a little bit of fun, then tear down. Wow. Exhausting. Thank God it's almost over.

Now really, all exhaustion aside, the ADDY's are amazing. This year's theme is Alice in Addyland, and we're going to try to decorate the Alumni Center to take people on a journey down the rabbit hole. After all, who is madder than Advertising professionals? My only issue with the ADDY's is I wish more students would enter their work. It's an amazing thing to have on your resume, and Advertising students already have to create ads and other creative pieces for classes, internships, or fun. So why not enter? All of you should enter your stuff from Desktop next year, or that mock ad you created for a competition.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about what the ADDY's are, or if you'd like to volunteer this weekend and meet a bunch of agency professionals (and get to wear your old prom dress- that's honestly the part I'm the most excited about!!), let me know. They are this Saturday from 6-10 PM.

PS: Special thanks to Arielle, Emily, and Aaren from our class who have already helped out so much!!

Crazy Award Season

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Arielle's Blog said...

Thanks Maria for working hard to bring Tallahassee a great Addy's show!