Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Julia Nunes

Thank you Austen, for inspiring me to also write about music.

As you all know, new media is becoming increasingly important to our generation. The fact that we can become famous on a world-wide scale with a simple recording from something as ordinary as a camera phone is something that is unique to our generation alone! Now, by reaching a certain level of fame, people can be recognized by people who actually pay....like, say a record label.

Julia Nunes is a quirky college kid, who started off writing songs and at age fourteen. She plays guitar, ukulele and melodica. One day, she decided to record one of her songs on her Youtube page, and lo and behold---a fan base started forming! Soon enough, she was able to get a hold of a record label and now, she's been invited to perform in Bonnaroo, one of the most famous indie music festivals in the world!

So, if there are any musicians in the class, I would highly recommend you to at least record your songs...you never know what may come out of it. :)

Julia Nunes

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