Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Props to Google

With over 3 million youtube hits, this Google advertisement was hands down my favorite commercial during the Superbowl. Yes, Superbowl advertisements are known for being funny and companies trying to out do each other in the humor department, but sometimes a commercial that isn't funny stands out more amongst the crowd. Google didn't use humor or sex appeal in this advertisement, and I give them major credit, because everywhere you look there is sex and humor in all the commercials. As you can see, this ad tells an entire love story simply through Google searches, which I absolutely love, cheesy but I still love it. It was one of those ads where after it was over, all the girls that I was watching it was literally all said "awwww" simultaneously. With the success of the Google advertisement, Google has put out more story advertisements on youtube. It was a feel good commercial and I really hope to see many more ads like this to come.

Props to Google

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Arielle's Blog said...

This was my favorite ad during the Super Bowl. It's funny because the ad was not really reaching their correct target and most people were probably too drunk to even comprehend what the message was communicating. However, if you live in America and don't know what Google is, then you clearly have been in a hole. I think Google's whole purpose was just to create buzz and show why they're awesome.