Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiger Woods

I tried to resist the urge but I did tune in on Friday to watch the whole speech with Tiger. I wanted to know what other people thought about it? Did you buy it? Did you not believe it? Was it just right?

One thing I will state is that Tiger gave the public way more information than I thought he would. At the start of his career Tiger never really grasped the concept of celebrity and why everyone was so concerned with his life. A few years later he still has yet to fully wrap his head around this concept. As a celebrity, this is one of the things you give up when you make millions of dollars a year and it is called privacy. Everyone thinks that they are privy to your life and what is going on. Up until his recent scandal with all of these women, Tiger has been viewed as the Golden Child because many did not expect this behavior from him. In his speech he explicitly stated that he would appreciate it if the media stayed away from his wife and his kid. But I would like to see how long that will last.

In my opinion I sincerely believe that Tiger Woods did not owe anyone an explanation. He did not kill anybody or bring physical harm to another individual, therefore why is he even giving the public this. Although I do like that he gave a speech I do not feel like it was necessary. However, one thing I wished would have happened is that he would have memorized what he had to say because it looked like somebody wrote down information and he simply read it aloud. In fact it was poorly read but from the heart, I guess.

Tiger Woods

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