Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl= most watched telecast EVER? Think again.

Everybody has their own opinions of which Super Bowl ads were the best. This year, some people say Google, others day Doritos, and others preferred Bud Light. However, as much as I love watching Superbowl ads every year, there are very few that spike emotion and laughter in me as much as World Cup ads. Obviously, I know I'm biased because I'm from Brazil. I've never been in the US during the World Cup, but around the rest of the world, for a month every four years, ads inspire hope, happiness, fear, competition, and literally make my hairs tingle.

I know the Super Bowl is an insane TV heaven, and I do think it's amazing when I google Superbowl to see this headline:

"Super Bowl 2010 Ratings: 106 Million Watch, Top-Rated Telecast EVER"

Amazing that one country can get so many viewers. But according to another website I found that

"An average of 260 million people watched Italy claim its fourth title after winning 5-3 in a penalty shootout against France and more than 600 million viewers watched some part of the Berlin match. The whole event had a cumulative 5.9 billion audience in 54 countries, of which 41 percent were women."

For those of you who have yet to experience being in another country during World Cup year, go travel this summer! It'll be amazing! Just don't wear an American jersey in England. In the spirit of excitement, here is one of my favorite World Cup ads. It hurts me a little, because it's an Argentine commercial (Brazilians hate Argentina's soccer team), but it's pretty good. The voice over at the end says: "Only our National Team can unite us so much"

By the way, World Cup 2010 starts June 11. TUNE IN!!

Super Bowl= most watched telecast EVER? Think again.

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