Monday, February 15, 2010

This past Friday, February 12, was the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. This years' winter Olympics marks the 21st winter Olympic games and have had some ups and downs to them. Before the games even started, Georgian ice luge participant died in a practice run through that devastated many and left us all for a loss of words. Another mishap, what at the opening ceremony, one of the torch towers would not rise up from underneath the ground....not that big of a problem. However, the United States is doing well in the race for the medals, leading with 8, as of February 15.
The picture to the left is of a float designed by Coca-Cola promoting the opening ceremony and the winter games in general. Coke has been the longest continuous corporate supporter of the Olympics since 1928. In August of 2005, Coke signed an agreement with the International Olympics Committee for a historic partnership for 12 more years. Coke has always been a staple for the Olympics, giving the brand a great name that represents an international market. Coke also supports National Olympic Committee, which gives funds to athletes to help compete and train. When most people think of sponsorship for the Olympics, they think of coke, which is an awesome thing for any brand. Coke has done their research, and discovered the right way to advertise, and it seems to be working for them!!

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